Wednesday 17 August 2011

The Gallery - Black & White

Over at Sticky Fingers, the theme for The Gallery this week is 'Black and White'. 

Now I love black and white photographs.  I enjoy shooting a wedding and making those special images into black and white - it's adds a new depth to the photo, showing you nothing but the love that this couple have for each other.  When photographing a couple, black and white can be very intimate.

I also love the way black and white can transport you through time.  It can take you back to a day long before you were born yet stir up so many memories.  That's the route I've chosen to go down for this week's theme.

I wanted to honour my Nan.  My family and friends who are reading this will know that my daughter was named after my Nan who sadly passed away last year.  I miss her terribly and it makes me sad that she never got to meet my daughter.  I have so many wonderful memories of time spent with my Nan and I know that E will have the same with her Nan - my Mum. 

So, here's to Nanny Lily.  I've picked a couple of my favourite images of her, the ones that stir up stories in my Mum, stories that I never tire of hearing.

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