About Us

My name is Rachelle and I gave birth to our beautiful daughter in December 2010.  My husband, Frans, is a software developer for NewOrbit.  Before I became 'Mum' I was a photographer and retoucher.  I love my work and mostly photograph weddings and family portraits.  Now that I'm a mummy, I plan to take things as they come with regard to work but am quite looking forward to getting back in the saddle.

We couldn't have planned the timings for having our first child any better.  I had my last wedding of 2010 at the end of September and I could feel that my body was ready to stop rushing around taking photographs.  I continued with my midweek work for another month or so as our baby was due on November 25th.  My first wedding of 2011 was at the very end of April, giving me plenty of time to be on maternity leave and enjoy being with our daughter. 

Since writing the above I have returned to work part time and am enjoying what little work I do.  Most of the time I'm happy with the balance and Elizabeth now goes to nursery 1 1/2 days a week so I can really concentrate on what I'm doing.  We are also expecting baby number two in September - that was a shock! - so that has been the push we needed to get the house sorted once and for all.  Or something like that anyway.