Wednesday 31 August 2011

The Gallery - Animals

This week's theme for The Gallery is 'animals'. Tara wants us to think outside of the box for this one so here's my attempt...

This isn't actually the first photo I thought of.  I have hundreds, if not thousands of photos of animals.  Most are average but there are a few that I am especially proud of, yet I found it difficult to pick a photo for this post.  I wanted to pick a photo that meant something to me and so I found myself being absorbed into my memories, reliving the moments and spending a fair bit of time staring at my computer screen and smiling.

Eventually I decided upon the photo below.  It was taken on a trip to South Africa with my now husband.  It was our first holiday together, six years ago.  I had never been anywhere like that before and the trip was just magical.  We spent 10 days moving around the Cape Town area and just had a blast.  On one of the days, we took a horseback safari and that's when I took this photo.  It's not technically brilliant but it does bring a smile to my face.  Shortly after (or maybe before?) this was taken, F had been attempting to get some close-up shots.  He actually did a very good job but at the expense of a lens - an osterich lunged at his camera and left the lens with a nice scratch.  A dangerous moment but it has me in fits every time I think about it!

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  1. My son said this was a monster with a lot of heads.
    I liked hearing about you going through pics and reliving memories

  2. what a great memory sounds like an amazing trip, I love this photo too something you just don't see everyday!