Friday 31 May 2013

So That's What I Sound Like

Picture the scene: Elizabeth is sat next to me at the dining table while I finish my lunch. She's playing with her recorder and entertaining Toby. I'm reading a blog post by Cosmic Girlie and I snort with laughter, just as I've taken a bite of my toast.

E: (with a suddenly serious face) ''What the matter Mummy?''
Me: *trying to chew, swallow, stop laughing and shake my head all at the same time*
E: (serious tone) ''Stop laughing Mummy. Eat.''
Me: *more laughing*
E: (helpful, motherly tone) ''Chew Mummy'' then shows me how to chew.
Me: *more laughing*
E: ''Mmm, yummy food. Go on, chew'' followed by more chewing actions.
Me: *finally able to chew and swallow*
E: ''Good girl.''

Hmmm, yes....

Thursday 23 May 2013

The Photo Gallery: Drink

Oh, there could be so many funny photos that I could share with you that have the tag 'drink'. However, as this is (supposed) to be a blog about Being Mum and my journey through motherhood, I feel that it's more appropriate to share this photo instead.

This is a photo of Toby using his cup properly for the first time. He picked it up and put it in his mouth and drank! Sounds pretty simple, right? He's becoming more coordinated as the days and weeks pass, slowly turning him from my tiny baby boy into a toddler. Although he's far from toddling, thankfully!

This post is for The Gallery over at Sticky Fingers. Go have a gander at all the other drinkers.

p.s. I know I'm a mean Mummy putting him in a pink highchair. 

Monday 6 May 2013

Toby's First Tooth!

Toby has very clearly been teething for quite some time, having bursts of sobs for no particular reason and them stopping as quickly as they started. The rosy red cheeks, temperature and general unwellness (is that a real word?) have all been there too but the last few days have also seen swollen gums, lots of dribbling and irritability. Calpol (English medicine containing Paracetamol for kids) has definitely been our friend! Yesterday morning I could see the tooth trying to break through the gums and it finally made it in the early afternoon. What a different son we have now!

The second tooth isn't far behind though as his gums are still swollen and bumpy and I can see a hint of tooth number two lurking below the surface. Watch this space...