Thursday 27 June 2013

Elizabeth's New Cardigan

I am a big fan of home/hand made things.  I guess it comes from a love of making things (all the time! My poor Mum....) when I was younger.  Even now I love to make things, I just rarely have the time.

So isn't it lucky that I have an Aunty who loves to knit!  She sends us gorgeous things for the children, the latest being cardigans for them both.  Master T's is probably one of my favourites so far.  When Miss E had a parcel arrive address to her, she was very excited to open it!  So Gill, this is for you :)

Tuesday 4 June 2013

The Photo Gallery: Two

I was wondering what I could do for this week's post that wasn't too obvious. The theme is 'two' and I have a two year old so any photo of her from the last 6 months would be ok. But whilst I sat in our holiday home trying to decide if I should even bother entering (because I am supposed to be on holiday), Elizabeth gave me the perfect photo subject. She came bouncing down the stairs on her bum shouting 'two babies mummy! I got two babies!'

I've mentioned before that Elizabeth is very baby obsessed - and now she has two of them. There was no way that we could come on holiday without them, and especially with only one of them, so both Baby and Annabel are enjoying Cornwall too.

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P.s. Apologies for the poor photo - my phone camera isn't very good  :-(