Thursday 18 August 2011

Furniture Surfing

Elizabeth seems to like nothing better than walking around the furniture. At the start of the week, she worked out how to properly navigate corners so she can walk around the coffee table with ease. This has also helped her confidence in moving from one piece of furniture to another. She'll move from the table to the sofa and to the desk very easily now. It takes her seconds! I think I mentioned a while ago that she could do this but she really had to concentrate and think about what she was doing. Now she just does it.

Her balance has also greatly improved in the last few days so her walking across the room with me holding her hands is getting faster by the day. Occasionally she lets go of whatever she's holding but hasn't realised what she's done and will fall over, or quickly grab whatever is in front of her. One day she'll let go and just be standing. I doubt that day is too far away.

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