Wednesday 23 July 2014

Swimming Lessons

We love the children's swimming lessons with Tamara at Baby Swimming. We started when Elizabeth was just 10 weeks old and now she's three and a half YEARS old! Which means that it's time for her to move on. Dolphin Swimming School was recommended to us and I've just heard from them about classes for my little lady. She'll be doing their 9.30 Saturday class from September.

So this means that Zachary gets to start with Baby Swimming! His class will be right before Toby's, still on a Saturday. Exciting times :)

I think that Elizabeth has mixed feelings about swimming. She enjoys being in the water and splashing around with Daddy but isn't that bothered about actually learning to swim. Don't get me wrong, she loves that she can do a lot of it on her own but I can't see her wanting to continue lessons once she can swim properly. I doubt she'll be interested in progressing to diving or trying to improve her speed. I don't blame her either - I'm not a fan of the water. But she's still young enough not to know that she can stop and young enough to enjoy it all anyway.

Toby is quite different though. He also started when he was 10 weeks old and he'll be 2 in 8 weeks time, but his attitude to the water is very different to Elizabeth's. At the start of the year, we almost stopped his lessons as he just cried all the time. Then one week everything changed and we have no idea why - he loved it! Something clicked for him, I think. He started to realise that he could move himself in the water, rather than being dragged through it. And now Toby is a little swimming star. He wants to swim constantly when he's in the water, he wants to jump straight in if you stand him on the side and he can't wait to actually do the lesson. Of course he likes the play aspect too but he really just wants to swim. Toby may well want to continue swimming when he's older; he's clearly inherited his Daddy's love of the water.

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