Thursday 24 July 2014

Elizabeth's Nighttime Antics

Most nights now, when I go up to bed, I find Elizabeth in some strange state in her bedroom. Sometimes it's simply that she's fallen asleep whilst climbing into bed, so her feet are still hanging out. Other times it's a lot more elaborate, like last night. 

Last night, the floor was covered in toy food - Elizabeth had been feeding some of her teddies. The changing mat was out too so clearly someone had needed a nappy change at some point. My attention turned to the bed. Elizabeth had decided (again) to sleep down the wrong end of the bed but at least she had her head (sort of) on the pillow and was under her sheet. Only she wasn't wearing the pyjamas we'd put her in at bedtime. Alfred the bear was wearing those and was tucked up with her. Elizabeth was wearing her favourite pair of very warm winter pyjamas. I have no idea why because it's friggin' hot weather right now! (28°C yesterday and about 16°C overnight).

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