Wednesday 16 July 2014


What can I say about Frankie?  We've had our ups and downs with him but he is very much a part of our family.  He's been with us for more than two years now - where has the time gone?!  He's gone from being a dog we couldn't leave alone to a confident boy who loves his agility classes and makes a new friend at every turn.  Everyone loves him!

Frankie came to us with very little history. We know he was originally from Ireland and was adopted by someone here in the UK. For whatever reason, they couldn't keep Frankie and he ended up with someone who kept him in a cage and abused him.

When we saw him at Stokenchurch Dog Rescue, we were unsure if he was the right dog for us. We took him for a little walk and then came back another day with Elizabeth to see what he thought of her. She was 15 months old at the time. They got on well and we decided that we would bring Frankie home.

So now, two years later, we have three children. Frankie ignores the baby, tolerates Toby but just adores Elizabeth. They have a bond which started right from when we brought Frankie home. He will protect her if he thinks she's in trouble. He puts up with her pulling him and treating him like a teddy. She can lay on him, command him, play with him and he just takes it all. When he's had enough he just walks away. These two are close and they'll only get closer as they get older. It's wonderful to see.

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