Thursday 17 July 2014

Nappy Free!

Hurrah! I finally have one child that doesn't wear nappies! Three weeks ago, the last weekend in June, we made the decision to stop putting Elizabeth in a nappy at nighttime. We had been talking about it with her for quite a while but it had got to the point where every other morning her nappy had leaked. She's just too big for them. So that Saturday morning we told Elizabeth that she didn't need to wear a nappy at night any more, even though she was showing no signs of being ready for this.

Bedtime came and we explained to E that she didn't need to wear a nappy any more. Her response was something like 'that's because I'm a big girl!' We told her that she could leave her bedroom if she needed the toilet and that she needed to wake up if she needed the toilet while she was sleeping. We heard her go to the toilet half a dozen times before she fell asleep and she was dry when we went to bed. She woke up needing the toilet at some point in the night so it was a great first night. The second night she slept through with no accidents. The third night we had an accident to clear up.

Since then we've had maybe 5 or 6 nights where E has had an accident but the problem is that E just sleeps through it and we need to wake her. I'm sure that'll stop but in the meantime I'm getting less sleep and doing more washing.

Elizabeth is so pleased with herself though and we're both very proud of her.

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