Thursday 19 July 2012

General Update

Generally speaking, Elizabeth is doing really well.  She is loving nursery and would probably be quite happy there full time.  The staff are fantastic and I'm so pleased that Elizabeth enjoys her time with them.  Her growth has slowed a bit now and some of the other children from my NCT antenatal group are catching up with her, with one or two being taller than her now.  She is still tall for her age though and continues to be in clothes one size up.
Talking and Signing
Elizabeth's speech is coming on quite well now.  She is 'behind' but then we expected that - she's learning three languages at once bless her!  She has quite a few very clear words now, both in English and Danish and she is constantly trying to say new things.  There are now several dozen words that are recognisable from her, although probably only by me.  Things like 'car' are pronounced 'dar' but that word coupled with the sign for 'car' tells me what she means.  I had a very clear 'toast' this morning when she was asking for more food, as well as the sign of course.  I estimate that Elizabeth now does about 30 to 40 signs.

Elizabeth now has 16 of her 20 baby teeth.  She just has the four molars that are at the very back to get but these aren't supposed to come through until she turns 2.  I'm hoping they don't come early as I would prefer to not have a teething toddler and a newborn baby to deal with at the same time.

I'm now in week 31 of my second pregnancy and I'm really starting to feel the strain.  My movements have slowed considerably over the past few weeks and sleep is starting to become difficult.  I can tell that the baby is getting pretty big now as I usually only feel kicks, jabs and foot movements, rather than squirms like the whole baby is rolling over.  I constantly have (what I assume is) a foot right up under my right ribs which means that I can't slouch.  I guess that's a good thing but sometimes I don't want to sit straight!  For this reason, driving is starting to become uncomfortable so I'm going to look into getting some sort of support pillow to help push my stomach out, keeping me upright and the pressure of the baby off my ribs and stomach.

I'm seeing the midwife next week for my 32-week check.  Hopefully the next few weeks will go by as quickly as the first 7 months have.

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