Wednesday 15 August 2012

Loved the London 2012 Olympics

Well the Olympics is over but we have had a blast watching it!  The TV isn't usually on during the day here but I'm quite a fan of the Olympics.  Besides, you have to support your country, right?

I was expecting Elizabeth to ignore the TV but to my surprise, she was quite captivated by the various sports that came on.  When Murray won the gold for the men's singles in tennis, Elizabeth cheered, clapped and signed 'well done' at the TV - totally unprompted by me.  During the diving, she would dance around when the divers jumped off the board then shout 'splash!' as they landed in the water (usually when she saw the replay as she'd be too busy dancing).  The shooting started a new trend.  As the guns went off, I'd say 'bang, bang' and Elizabeth would laugh and bang her hand against the table.  As she got more and more excited, the banging got harder and harder until she actually stung her hand - this caused Mummy to 'kiss it better'.  The trend that followed was Elizabeth pretending to hurt herself so Mummy could kiss it better.  Very cute but I did have to explain that Mummy could only kiss it better if something was actually hurting.  I think she understood.

We were supposed to be going to see a few Paralympics events in London but due to some baby developments (to be shared in the next post), we're no longer going.  Hopefully we'll get as much enjoyment out of watching the Paralympics on TV as we did from the Olympics.

Go Team GB!

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