Monday 27 June 2011

Leaps and Bounds

There has been a marked improvement in Elizabeth's skills over the past few weeks. If you've been religiously reading this blog, you'll already know about a lot of these things. I'm actually sat in our desk chair right now, watching Elizabeth play in her activity centre. She has had it for about 6 weeks and when I first put her in it she just slumped forward, not having enough strength or coordination to hold herself up and play. Her toes could just touch the floor and she tried to chew the toy that was immediately infront of her. Admittedly she still sucks/chews/licks everything but she can stand now. She no longer HAS to lick the toy infront of her - she spins round and chooses her victim. Elizabeth got the hang of turning herself around quite quickly but her speed and accuracy are incredible now. She has even worked out how to shuffle the whole contraption across the floor.

Going back to the individual toys, I watch I amazement as Elizabeth studies what's in front of her as she decides what she's going to do. She now completely understands that she can turn the pages of the book, spin the there wheels (though she only likes the one that makes a noise), push the buttons to make other buttons pop up and move the beads along the wire. She also understands that hitting the keyboard makes noises but she is also more than happy to hit it when the sound is turned off. Phew! Now that she can pull the keyboard off, I tend to leave it off as she just drops it on the floor.

When she is bored of the toys, she'll scoot over to whatever has caught her eye - usually the washing or the desk chair - and will try to pull it off and/or put it in her mouth. Watching her try to lick the back of the chair is hilarious!

I did however think that I didn't need to worry about such things until she started crawling. How wrong I was.

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