Wednesday 29 June 2011

As If Nappy Changing Wasn't Hard Enough

We always have fun when it's time to change E's nappy.  She's always been quite "helpful".  It started with her lifting her legs - great!  It makes it easier to lift her bum up and slide the nappy in.  Then came the rolling, or at least E trying to roll.  She would flip her legs over to the side but hadn't mastered the roll at that point.  She was probably about 4 months old when she was doing this.  A slightly annoying habit but one I couldn't definitely work around.  She then very quickly moved on to slapping her feet down and pushing her bum in the air, creating a bridge or crab position.  Definitely annoying.  I'd have to push down on her hip area to keep her down, just so I could do the nappy up.  As with anything though, you learn to work with the problem, not against it.

Until now.

I didn't think E would be able to roll over on our changing mat.  She's been able to roll from back to front for about a month or so (I'm terrible with dates) but had been quite unsucessful at doing it on the changing mat.  She'd have a good go, getting her bum up in the bridge position and pushing her hips over, twisting her body round, stretching up, trying to grab something to give her leverage.  Nothing.  She couldn't do it.  I assumed it was the shape of the changing mat as the sides curve upwards, rather than the mat being flat.  We love it!

But yesterday she flipped over.  Now I can't stop her!  I put her down and *blink*, she's on her front.  Really not good when you have a poo-y nappy but can't get a wetwipe anywhere near where it's supposed to be because you have one hand holding your daughter's legs and she's decided to try and turn over.  She's gone rigid, has twisted her body and there's nothing you can do!  If you let go, poo goes everywhere.  You just have to concentrate and wait for her muscles to ache.  Eventually you can get the wetwipe to the right area.  Once everything's clean, you just need to find a way to keep her on her back whilst you do the nappy up.  I'm thinking of finding F's weights....

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