Friday 22 October 2010

We've got a cot!

I can't remember if I've told you this story before so I'll start from the beginning. Fairly early on in the pregnancy, Frans and I were shopping in Reading and wandered in to a Mamas and Papas shop. For the Danes, it's a shop that sells baby products, a bit like Baby Sam. They have nursery furniture as well as toys, clothes, maternity wear, etc. They sell such beautiful things and we fell in love with one of their cots. Actually, we love the whole set of furniture in the Ocean Golden Oak range. Needless to say it's the most expensive set they have - we do tend to have expensive taste! We very quickly decided that there was no way we could justify spending that amount of money on any cot or dresser. We set about looking at other cots and dressers with the dresser being our priority as we had the crib from my Mum to use until the baby was a few months old. We did decide that we would like to get a matching set though so we had to like both the dresser and the cot in any set.

After much searching, the only other cots and dressers that we liked were just as expensive as the Ocean set. I know - does it really matter what it looks like? The baby won't know. But after falling for the solid oak Ocean set, all the other stuff just seemed 'less' somehow. So we decided to try Ebay. I discovered that the Ocean set is quite popular, even second hand. Both dressers and cots were coming on to Ebay but were selling for a price too far out of our budget. I kept an eye out for a long time for a bargain then last weekend a cot was put on - and we won it today! It's cost us only slightly more than the average cot and nothing like what we would've paid in the shop. Like I said, we don't need a cot yet so it's going to be stored at my Mum's place for now.

As for the dresser, they are very scarce on Ebay but we have the dresser that Sean kindly gave to us a few months ago so we're in no rush. I'll still keep my eyes peeled and when there's a bargain to be had, I'll pounce.

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