Friday 22 October 2010

Antenatal classes

Last night was our last antenatal class. Well, I have one more but that's more of a catch up with the girls before we all pop. So last night, we got thrown in straight at the deep end and had to dress a baby. They gave us a doll to practice on, don't panic! Whilst we were discussing clothes and things, a lady came in with a REAL baby. Ah, scary! He was born three weeks ago and was so tiny and cute. I can't believe we'll have one of those in five weeks' time.... The mum was very good and answered lots of questions from everyone. It was lovely to see her and her new little family. The dad got asked some questions too so we got a rounded perspective on parenthood in the first few weeks.

So that's it - no more classes. Do I feel ready for motherhood? Not in the slightest :)

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