Monday 4 October 2010


Not strictly a baby-related post but I had to let everyone know just how amazing my husband is. I was whisked away on a surprise trip on Saturday (October 2nd) and was spoilt rotten.

The day started with breakfast in bed, followed by a lazy morning before we left for London. We took a gentle walk from Marylebone and ended up at a maternity clothes store. Frans wanted to treat me to some nice clothes so we left the shop (about 90 minutes later!) with some amazing jeans and 4 nursing tops. They're gorgeous :) We then grabbed a quick bite to eat before heading to the hotel Frans had booked for the night - in Mayfair! We stayed at the Millenium Hotel and it is lush. The foyer had those old-style elevators where there's a clock arm that moves to tell you what floor the lift is on. Love it! We had a dinner reservation at an Italian restaurant for 6pm so we got ready for the evening. The restaurant was lovely and we both really enjoyed our meals. Then we had to leave for my next surprise - the theatre. We took a short walk along Shaftsbury Avenue, seeing lots of different theatres, none of which were stopping at. I was starting to think that we weren't actually going to see a show, then we arrived at the theatre showing Stomp. Wow! What an incredible show! The dancers have so much energy and the show was just incredible. The choreography was mind-blowing and even the smallest, quietest parts were captivating. When we left, it was pouring with rain but we had no hope of getting a taxi. We started the mile and a half walk back to the hotel, keeping an eye out for a free taxi. Needless to say, one didn't come so we got drenched walking all the way back to the hotel. It was an interesting evening to an amazing day - we couldn't stop laughing!

On Sunday morning, we woke up a bit earlier than planned. We had a room-service breakfast - very posh - before lazily getting ready for the day ahead. We decided to pop over to Covent Garden and have a nosey round some shops. It started off as quite a sunny day but a little rain did come in. We hopped from shop to shop, had a chocolate crepe and some coffee before heading to the Duke of Wellington pub for Sunday lunch. Cue my last surprise - Camilla! For those of you who don't know/can't remember, Camilla is one of my closest friends and was a bridesmaid at our wedding. Frans had been in contact with her to see if she was around to meet us for lunch as I'm always complaining that I haven't seen her for months. It was definitely a surprise to see her standing outside the pub, waiting for us. The food at the Duke was lovely and the three of us talked and ate for almost three hours. It was a wonderful end to an amazing weekend in London.

Thank you my love.

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