Sunday 17 October 2010

A productive weekend

This weekend was dedicated to 'Baby Prep'. Basically we wanted to get as much stuff done as possible in preparation for our little one arriving in 6 weeks time (or there abouts). We had a big long list of all the stuff we had left to do and did manage to get a fair chunk of it done. As you can see from our previous post, the car seat is now in Frans' car ready to dash to the hospital. We've made a list of all the stuff we need to pack for the hospital bag so that will get packed next weekend hopefully. Frans has finished sanding the crib so now it just needs to be painted - exciting!

Today we also met up with Camilla who had a little box of goodies for us. She has been incredibly sweet and wonderful and has filled a box with things that she knew we didn't have yet. There's bibs, dummies, muslin squares, and lots of other bits. I'll do a more detailed post on this with pictures during the week. We love it though :)

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