Tuesday 22 May 2012

One Giant Leap....

We've had a burst of developmental activity from E over the last few weeks, as well as a growth spurt.  We are still signing words and E seems to have picked up quite a few new ones recently, some of which are really useful for her to know and understand.  The best ones are 'cold' and 'hot' so when we're out, she will often sign 'cold' if she wants her gloves or a blanket.  She also signs 'hat' now when she wants that too so I always make sure I take it out with me on dog walks.  It's wonderful to be able to communicate with her!  'Hot' usually gets used for food.  She just likes to let me know that the food is still a little hot and that's why she's sitting there with her mouth open and not actually eating!  She does also sign 'hot' if she touches a hot oven door or radiator, although they tend to be warm rather than scalding.

E's speech is also coming along nicely.  With us teaching her English, Danish and sign language, it's no surprise that talking isn't as far ahead as some of her other skills, not that I'm complaining!  We've been getting 'Daddy' for a long time now - though no 'Mummy' yet' - as well as a couple of objects like 'door' and 'ball'.  There are also a lot of words sounds that are recognisable (even if only to me) but they're getting more word-like all the time.  Her favourite one is 'yogurt' and she will often chant it after dinner whilst doing her own little made up sign for it!  It's very cute, I have to say.  She also kind of says 'hot', 'doggie', 'Frankie' and lots of animal sounds. 

Ooh, the best bit of news is that we've got the beginnings of E's first Danish word!  She'll point at a flower and sign 'flower' but sound 'b' (for 'blomst').  I may be optimistic but I'm sticking with it.

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