Tuesday 29 May 2012

The Gallery: Picture Postcard

Ah yes, I'm doing another Gallery post!  These are one of the things I've missed about blogging.  Every week I read the theme for The Gallery and kick myself for having fallen out of the habit of blogging.  Now that I'm making a concerted effort to blog regularly again, I feel I can participate in week 100 of The Gallery.

So enough babble.  The theme for the 100th week is Picture Postcard.  The idea is to share a photo which you feel could pass as a postcard or greetings card.  Sounds easy, right?  Think again!  There are lots of photos that spring to mind that I would happily send to family and friends, maybe to say Merry Christmas or Thank You but they're quite personal images and wouldn't really work in any other situation.  In fact, the husband and I did indeed send out a personal Christmas card when we first started dating way back in 2005 (though I think it was only signed from him...) but we had fun designing it together none the less.  Here's a little peek:

The husband took this photo on a trip to Greenland long before we met each other.

But that's not my entry for The Gallery, not least because I didn't take the photo.  My entry is below but I want to explain my choice first.  I realised whilst looking through some of my recent photos that everything I photograph is for work or of my daughter, or at least related to her somehow.  I no longer take photos for the pleasure of taking photos and there are lots of reasons for that.

However, that little shock lit a light bulb.  I need to start doing things that I enjoy again and one of those things is photography.  So last weekend we went away to Northern Ireland with some friends and I thought that would be the ideal opportunity to not only take a photo for this project but to kick-start my 'hobby'.  So in true Rachelle fashion, off we go and leave the camera behind.  The whole time we were at the Giant's Causeway, I was kicking myself!  Everywhere I looked there were great photo opportunities and I only had the pocket camera.  I did try and capture some things but it really is a poor compact.  I don't think Ansel Adams could've shot anything half decent with it.

So I started thinking again about what I can use for this blog post and I realise that the answer is obvious.  I use this:

Now it's not going to win any awards but this photo is a firm favourite of mine (and the husband's) and we even had it blown up as a 24x36 inch PhotoBlock back when we lived in the flat.  We love it and hope you do too.

Go and have a look at the other entries here, some are truly beautiful.

Oh, and sorry for the long-winded post!

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  1. Beautiful. There's something special about images taken at night, places look so different from during the day.