Friday 8 July 2011

An interesting morning

It's Friday morning, 7:38 to be exact, and I'm sat in Elizabeth's room giving her some milk. E only woke up about 15 minutes ago - or at least only made a noise then - which is very unusual for her. Most of the time she will wake about 6:30 and I'll go in, change her nappy and give her some milk.

So off I go to get our daughter up. She's very happy when I walk in and shows me how she's been practising her crawling in the night. It won't be long now before she's off. I get her up and straight on to the changing table to avoid the tears I usually get after a cuddle at this point, as E gets excited about having milk then I put her down. Cruel mummy!

There's a nice big present in the nappy - a common occurrence since we started on solid food. E makes a grab for her nether regions. No! Of course, a bit of poo gets on her hands so I do my best to hold her hand as well as her legs whilst getting a wet wipe to wipe everything down. This is quite a challenge, especially considering all the other things E gets up to on the changing table, as explained in a previous post. So at that precise moment, E decides to see what's down the side of the changing mat. I'm not expecting it. I'm caught off guard. My concentration is fixed solely on keeping E on the table. I see it happening, too fast for me to stop it. I try but I have no chance. The nappy hits the floor, it's contents splattering. 'No!' I cry, 'Frans, help me!'

E's just happy to have her milk.

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