Friday 12 September 2014

Rolling Rolling Rolling....

A few weeks ago, when Zachary was around 14 weeks old, he rolled onto his front. I was shocked! That's very early to roll onto your front but he did it twice and that was it. A few days later we started to get rolling the other way, from his front to his back, which is much more typical for that age. Since then it's been clear that Zachary has mastered front to back rolling and he would also try to go onto his front but never managed it.

Until this weekend!

While we were in Denmark, Zachary started rolling onto his front and he hasn't stopped. In fact, he's now started 'moving', using his hands and knees to shift himself around in a circle and forward to reach a toy. It's only minor but he rarely stays where I put him now. All this and he's only 18 weeks old.

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