Tuesday 9 September 2014

Travelling to Denmark

We've just got back from a long weekend visiting family in Denmark. We decided to fly this time (last year we drove) and it was going to cost too much to hire a car so we opted for using public transport once we were there. The Danes have a very good public transport system so we actually found the travelling around much easier than we'd expected it to be with three very young children in tow, plus our luggage.

We took our double buggy with us and we found that both the trains and buses had plenty of space for us, with nice wide doors for us to get in and out of, plus big open spaces inside to park the buggy and still stand next to it. The trains were the best for this and had a lot of pull down seats to maximise space. Perfect!

Elizabeth really loved being on the trains and buses. Every so often 'The Wheels on the Bus' would get belted out or she'd tell us what we'd find (like the bell, which goes 'ding' in case you ever wondered). I love her enthusiasm for all the things around her but when you're tired from travelling (and from all the prep for travelling), an almost 4 year old that doesn't stop talking or asking questions can be a little hard going! Still, it was wonderful that we had questions rather than whining and she seemed to take the traveling in her stride. In fact, all three children did. Toby did get frustrated that he couldn't be out of the buggy as much as he'd like but we did get him out as much as we could.

We both agreed that using public transport worked out really well. We're going to talk about maybe doing another 'travel light' holiday next year, pushing ourselves a little and exposing our children to something different. Both Frans and I are in awe of his sister and her husband. They frequently take holidays with their two children (I think they're 6 and 9) where they don't rent a car, only know where they're staying for the first couple of nights and just go where they'd like. I've never 'gone travelling' and it would be great to be able to share something like that with my family.

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