Friday 15 August 2014

I've been a little quiet...

I've actually been really poorly. Almost three weeks ago I caught a sickness bug from Elizabeth. She wasn't too badly affected, just off her food mainly and a little tired. She was only physically sick twice. I was really hit hard though. I spent the first night with my head in a bucket and the following day in bed. Frans had the day off work to be at home and look after everyone. I didn't eat or drink anything (other than a few pieces of toast and sips of water) for 5 days. On day 8 I started to feel better. 2 days later Toby got ill and he had a really bad case of diarrhoea, so a different bug this time. Unfortunately both Frans and I caught this one but again I was hit a lot harder. I'm now feeling really good and over all the bugs but I've lost a lot of weight and am still feeling a bit weak. Fingers crossed no more bugs come our way.

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