Wednesday 4 May 2011

Our first family holiday, part 4

Our flight back on the Saturday was late afternoon so we hung around the hotel, playing scrabble and reading on the balcony. It was a beautiful day. Elizabeth wore her cute pink sun hat and didn't like having the sun cream put on.

Our coach finally arrived to take us back to the airport and we piled on. I wasn't really sure what to expect from Elizabeth - would she be as easy as the flight and coach trip out or would she really hate it?  I expected Elizabeth to be a bit unhappy until she got settled but she didn't settle (and then fall asleep) until we were almost at the airport. I felt so sorry for her. At least she had a little nap so I was fairly confident that she'd be fine in the airport.

Wrong again! She was ok for the first 15/20 minutes but then she started crying whilst we were queuing for the check-in desk. What a nightmare that experience was! It was hot, over-crowded, noisy and time consuming. Elizabeth got so worked up that I got her out of the buggy and stripped her down to her vest to cool her down. We eventually made it to the check-in desk - we were almost last in the queue - and then got through security. Elizabeth was clearly quite tired and hungry by this point so we sat down and I fed Elizabeth, thinking we had about an hour before we would board the plane. About 10 minutes after I finished feeding Elizabeth, our flight started boarding so we gathered our belongings and off we went.  I was praying for a good flight.

As I mentioned, Elizabeth was really tired by this point and she managed to fall asleep as we were taking off.  She slept for most of the flight, waking once we started our descent to Gatwick. She burst into tears and so I quickly started feeding her. That did the trick. My Mum was telling me that the descent to Gatwick is quite steep so it was no surprise that Elizabeth had that reaction. So that was our holiday over :(

We had such a wonderful holiday and I loved watching Elizabeth bond with everyone. We can't wait to fill up Elizabeth's passport with more stamps as we continue to travel all over the place with our beautiful daughter.

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