Wednesday 2 February 2011

Oh how we love injections!!

Elizabeth had her first set of immunisations yesterday. She was very good and only cried a little bit when the nurse jabbed her. She went for a nice long walk when she got home and was pretty calm and even fell asleep. Then she woke up. She cried so hard for about two hours, didn't want to feed and didn't want to sleep. Eventually she exhausted herself and managed to have a little bit of milk before having a snooze. She didn't sleep much though and kept waking up. She really wasn't interested in anything and was quite subdued. Frans then gave her a bath. She really loves the water and this perked her up a bit. She had a bottle (part of her night-time routine) and went to bed. She then slept for 8 hours! Wonderful! I fear the immunisations may have had a big part to play in that marathon sleep though :(

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