Monday 7 February 2011

License to travel

Elizabeth's passport has arrived!

With us going to France at the end of March on our first family holiday, I knew I had to get a wriggle on and apply for our little girl's first passport. So about three weeks ago I attempted to take a photo of Elizabeth that I could crop and print myself. Definitely easier said than done. Whilst the rules for baby photos aren't very strict, they do have to be a certain size as well as meeting some other rules. I faffed for a while before deciding it was easier and less risky to get someone else to do it. had been recommended to me. They take your photo and make it passport-rule compliant, sending you 4 prints a few days later. Well, for what ever reason, they're website wouldn't accept my photo so I had to do it myself anyway. I spent ages getting Elizabeth's photo just right. I was convinced that something would be wrong with it and it would be rejected but her passport is proof that I did a good job :)

And I'm very impressed with the speed of the passport service. With a first passport it can take up to 6 weeks to be sent to you - Elizabeth's took exactly 2.

We have some exciting times ahead!
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