Wednesday 28 July 2010

The next hurdle...

Well actually, there are two. The first is trying to rearrange the flat into something that will be a bit less cramped once the baby arrives. We've got a few ideas in our head about how to go about this but we'll start experimenting after our trip to Denmark at the end of August. This is most likely when we're going to start buying some of the bigger things that we need as we'll need a bit of time to make sure everything fits.

The other, more time consuming hurdle is my car. The two buggies that Frans mentioned before - Baby Jogger Summit XC and City Elite - are both fairly big. Like Frans said, think 4x4 of the buggy world. This means that there will be no where in my car to put anything other than the car seat and the buggy. Not really ideal. So we're now thinking that I need to get a slightly bigger car. I like my little car and don't want to give it up but we both agree that a bigger boot would be a very good thing. This is a fairly time-consuming issue so it's top of the list to sort out.

I'll be sad to say goodbye to my little girl :(

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