Wednesday 26 February 2014

Crazy Conversations 2

This wasn't a 'conversation' between me and Miss E, but between her and Master T. Allow me to set the scene. I'm in bed, it's around 7am. I slowly wake up to the sounds of my children 'chatting' when I hear this:

"Oh, sorry Toby, I can't change your poo..."

I was faster than Flash getting out of my bed! What greeted me in the children's room was Miss E standing at one end of Master T's cot, him laying down with his nappy undone (but thankfully still on) and a new nappy and wipes ready next to him. The poo was sort of contained  :-\  I shouted for help and Frans came in; he grabbed T's arms and I took his bum. A fairly normal nappy change continued!

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