Friday 31 May 2013

So That's What I Sound Like

Picture the scene: Elizabeth is sat next to me at the dining table while I finish my lunch. She's playing with her recorder and entertaining Toby. I'm reading a blog post by Cosmic Girlie and I snort with laughter, just as I've taken a bite of my toast.

E: (with a suddenly serious face) ''What the matter Mummy?''
Me: *trying to chew, swallow, stop laughing and shake my head all at the same time*
E: (serious tone) ''Stop laughing Mummy. Eat.''
Me: *more laughing*
E: (helpful, motherly tone) ''Chew Mummy'' then shows me how to chew.
Me: *more laughing*
E: ''Mmm, yummy food. Go on, chew'' followed by more chewing actions.
Me: *finally able to chew and swallow*
E: ''Good girl.''

Hmmm, yes....

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