Friday 11 January 2013

Her Imagination Amazes Me!

From a very early age, Elizabeth has enjoyed role playing. I can remember her filling up an imaginary cup from the imaginary tap and feeding her teddy when she was only 13 months old.
Now, a year later, she will sit and have tea parties with her teddies, look after her Baby like I do with Toby and pretend that her snacks are various animals and objects while the dining table is their play ground.

So it shouldn't surprise me that today, I was the baby. I was told that I needed to sleep and was taken over to the sofa. After being ordered to lie down and close my eyes, I was shhh'd and had my back rubbed and patted. Elizabeth then decided that I needed a pillow. This included some gentle manipulation of my head so I was laying in exactly the right place. E then attempted to sing but as she's not quite able to do that very well yet, I was told that I had to sing myself. Charming! E then fussed with her little baby blanket, making sure I was tucked in and then continued to pat me. She lovingly sat on the edge of my 'bed' (the sofa) while I 'slept'.

I was bursting with pride the whole time  :-)

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