Sunday 25 November 2012

Our stay-cation

This weekend we shipped E off to stay with Nanny and Grampy. Originally we were going to spend the weekend in Bath as it's our anniversary (and we went to Bath after we got married) but due to a number of factors, we decided to stay home instead. We promised ourselves that there would be no DIY, no chores, no work; nothing that resembled our normal daily lives. Even the dog is at the kennels. We promised to spend our time together doing things for the two days we had and enjoying having T all to ourselves.

We started Friday night, watching a film and having take away. We quite often do this but knowing that we didn't have to get up in the morning made the evening much more enjoyable. We watched Salmon Fishing in the Yemen and really enjoyed it (but we both felt the ending was a bit pants). T is starting to get into a nice evening rhythm now as well and his night time sleeping is becoming more predictable. Long may it continue!

Saturday took us to Birmingham, to the Bullring for a spot of shopping. We thought we might be able to squeeze in Cadbury World too but that was a little ambitious on our part! We massively underestimated the number of people we'd encounter and the amount of traffic too. T coped very well with all the noise and we all had a great day.

We ate lunch at The Handmade Burger Co. and it was delicious! The staff were friendly, the food came out quickly and we loved it.

We just had a light dinner that evening and watched another film. This time we went for something a little less light hearted and something that I really didn't want to watch. I'm a bit of a wimp you see and don't like scary movies. F really wanted to watch Prometheus and although it's not a horror film, it's still a sci fi that is designed to make you jump and sweat a bit. But we watched it and it was actually hugely disappointing. I have seen the original Alien film and although I had a heart attack every 10 minutes, I did enjoy it and hoped this latest instalment would live up to its heritage. It failed to impress.

The weather was much better on Sunday so we thought it would be lovely to go out for a winter walk. We decided to head to Waddesdon Manor to see the latest art installations and look at the Christmas decorations. We've been there a couple of times in the past for events but have never explored the house or the grounds. We decided against going in the house on this occasion as it was too much faff getting Toby into the baby sling but we were quite content just having a wander. We had lunch there, at The Stables, and it was very busy so had to wait a while for our food. We chose to sit outside as there was a huge queue for a table indoors and sadly the heaters weren't working. It was pretty damn cold!

We were quite eager to get our little girl back so we headed straight round to pick her up on our way home. She had a wonderful weekend, playing with her cousin Kacie and visiting Santa's grotto. Next weekend is another big weekend for her although I doubt she'll notice - she turns 2. Eek!

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