Wednesday 10 October 2012

The Photo Gallery: Yellow

The theme for The Gallery this week is yellow.  I've been a little lazy and am using a post that I was going to write anyway and the 'yellow' bit is a rather tenuous link.  Still the yellow is there!

At the weekend we took a lovely walk around Watlingon Hill.  The weather wasn't great - there was no sunshine to speak of and the fog didn't really clear up all day.  Still, we had a very enjoyable walk and we actually loved the fact that it was so foggy.  It made the walk something special.  There was a calmness to it that can only be found when you're on your own at the top of a mountain, or somewhere so remote that the only sounds are you and the wildlife around you.  Total bliss.

Now because of the fog, it was pretty damn cold.  I'm still in maternity clothes so didn't have a huge selection to keep me warm.  Elizabeth doesn't really have any warm winter clothes yet either but I did find an awesome pair of warm joggers in a drawer that are bright yellow!  There's that tenuous link I was talking about.

Elizabeth keeping the dog at bay while we get Toby in the baby carrier

Ready to rumble!

Stopping to look at some purple flowers; Chiltern gentian

It turns out that the purple Chiltern gentian are quite rare and aren't usually in flower at this time of year.  Lucky us for having seen it!

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  1. They are fab trousers (not sure they'd look good on me though) and I think there was a tiny bit of sunshine peeking through on there somewhere - there you go, not tenuous at all!

    1. You're far too kind! Underneath her coat and navy blue jumper was a pink t-shirt. That eye-watering combination certainly brightened up our day! I love your happy photo too - thanks for sharing the memories.