Friday 14 September 2012

2 Days and Counting

That's right, we only have two days left until our due date!  This pregnancy has gone by so quickly and neither of us can believe that the end is in sight already.  It only seems like yesterday that we were telling our close family and friends that I was pregnant again.  So much has happened this year, it's no wonder it's flown by.

I'm feeling fairly uncomfortable now but I don't think it's as bad as when I carried Elizabeth.  I can remember feeling pretty fed up a couple of weeks before she was due although I was in no pain, just discomfort from the extra weight.  This time I'm uncomfortable due to the baby's head pressing on a nerve because the head is very low.  I'm very achy around my hips and groin area and occasionally have shooting pains around the same place.  They hurt!  The Braxton Hicks contractions are also getting stronger and can sometimes feel quite uncomfortable too.  I'm told it's normal for the Braxton Hicks to be more frequent and felt more easily the second time round. 

Other than the little 'scare' we had a few weeks ago when the baby suddenly flipped round to a breech position, the baby has been lying perfectly and still is.  It has it's bum in the air with it's back on my right side and it's head is now partly engaged into my pelvis.  The medical terms are a cephalic presentation with a longitudinal lie (head first), 3/5 engaged (3/5 of the head can be felt).

So as soon as this little bundle is born, you'll all know.  Until then sit back, relax and wait for joyous news!

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