Saturday 19 March 2011

Swimming update

So last week I had to do the swimming class with Elizabeth as Frans was away on a 'business trip'. I was dreading it. I'm not very comfortable in water and the thought of being in the pool whilst caring for Elizabeth didn't exactly fill me with excitement. I did my best to think positively and not to let Elizabeth feel my anxiety. I must've done a good job because Elizabeth behaved pretty well. There were tears of course but not as bad as I was expecting. There was one exercise that I really wasn't comfortable doing so the instructor helped me out with that but otherwise I did it all on my own. I was very proud of myself and of Elizabeth.

This week was a different story though. Both Frans and I think that Elizabeth was too tired this week. She had only slept for 15 minutes before the class which wasn't long enough. The result was a grumpy girl in the pool and so she didn't enjoy herself as much as she has done in the past. There really is a very fine balance between not enough sleep and too long between feeds, mainly because she's still so young. When the next term starts in May, Elizabeth will be 5.5 months old, so hopefully our timings won't be so critical. She really is doing beautifully though and clearly starting to understand what's going on as she reacts to the command words. Very exciting!

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