Friday 10 December 2010

Summarised birth

This is a much shorter post without all the gorey details, for those that still want to know how the birth went.

My waters went before I started having contractions so I was taken into hospital so that I could be induced. After 8 hours, I still hadn't dilated and was in a lot of pain so I had an epidural. My only form of pain relief up to that point was gas-and-air.

5 hours after the epidural had gone in I had dilated to 9cm but the baby started to get distressed. It was therefore decided that I should have an emergency c-section.

They wheeled me straight into theater but I had fully dilated so I had what's called an assisted delivery. A suction cup was attached to baby's head and I had an episiotomy. Whilst I pushed, the surgeon guided the baby out to safety. Elizabeth was born at 7.25 am.
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