Wednesday 1 September 2010

Our trip to Denmark

So this is our last holiday as a couple. Wow! At least for a while anyway. We had a wonderful time both in Denmark and on the journey there and back. On our way out we stopped in Gent, Belgium, for dinner and a kip. It's such a gorgeous city. The architecture is incredible and there are so many churches! It was quite warm too. We arrived in Gent late afternoon on the Saturday and the temperature was 28 degrees. The evening stayed warm allowing us to walk the 20 minutes from the hotel into town then eating outside. We ate at a lovely restaurant infront of the castle and had such a wonderful, relaxing evening.

The next morning was all go in a bid to get to Denmark before it got too late in the day. We left quite early but unfortunately hit very bad traffic just before we reached Hamburg. We reckon we were sat still for about an hour and in VERY slow moving traffic for another 30 minutes. There were also numerous delays before that due to the high volume of road works along our route. Eventually we got to Puttgarden, Germany, and got the ferry across to Denmark. We then had a short drive to the summerhouse in Nysted where we were met by Inger and Bruno and a scrummy dinner. Thanks guys :D

We then had a few days to ourselves in the summerhouse, not doing much. We did a couple of touristy things but mainly just relaxed and enjoyed each other's company. Bliss!

On the Thursday (August 26th) we left Nysted in the morning to head up to Copenhagen, stopping at Gavnø Castle on the way. The weather was gorgeous. We then arrived at Laura and Ulrich's place in Copenhagen later in the afternoon. We set up the Slackline that we bought for Christian and Cecilie in the garden before having another lovely dinner with the family. Thanks Laura, it was delicious!

Friday saw us visiting Frans' half brothers. We spent some time in Copenhagen itself and did a little bit of shopping. We bought a "baby names" book so that we can have a bit of Danish influence with any names we choose. We then had a big family meal with almost the whole family in the evening and it was wonderful to see everyone and catch up. It's incredible how much all the kids have grown since we last saw them.

We then had to say goodbye on the Saturday as we had a long drive ahead of us. We reached Eindhoven in The Netherlands pretty late in the evening so we had dinner then hit the sack.

On Sunday we managed to squeeze in a quick stop in Bruges before getting to Boulogne to catch the ferry home. The sea was a bit rough and the baby didn't stop moving so I didn't fair too well on that part of the journey but two hours later and we were back in Blighty (greeted by horrendous rain, I might add).

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